Raymond McManus
Manufacturing Jeweller

Welcome, I’m Ray McManus, a quality Manufacturing Jeweller since 1987.  I completed my 5 year apprenticeship in Glasgow, Scotland, spending a further 6 years working in London, trained in the finest tradition of British Jewellery.  In 1997 I emigrated with my family to New Zealand and in 2004 began operating my own jewellery business.














My strength is my ability to work with my hands to design and craft exquisite, individual hand made Jewellery.  I have a passion for fine arts; respect for natural stones; an eye for detail and can create any piece of Jewellery, or a design that you have fallen in love with; or together, we can custom make that one-off bespoke piece within your budget.


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Ray McManus Manufacturing Jeweller East Auckland

Manufacturing Jeweller Auckland

Manufacturing Jeweller Auckland

Manufacturing Jeweller Auckland


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